Delay – Musical Decade Shines Still Brighter

“Once you’ve heard one Allison Crowe song, You’ve heard one Allison Crowe song,” says Allan Showalter, the erudite mystery-man behind the enriching and entertaining Leonard Cohen-centric blog, 1 Heck of a Guy.

With the good doctor’s observation in mind – here’s another one from Allison:

YouTube Preview Image

This, a diamond mined 10+ years ago – and the musical equivalent to kimberlite pipes are richer than ever. The fuller origin story can be found on the YouTube page hosting “Delay“.

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Philosophy (band version)

Before Allison Crowe returned her song “Philosophy” to its place in her repertoire as a slow-burning modern blues for solo piano, it was a rocking closer to her band shows early in this decade.

This is the version performed by Allison Crowe’s trio – of Allison on vocals and piano, Dave Baird on bass, and Kevin Clevette on drums – one afternoon in 2001 as the trio made their way to Seattle, Washington to play for Pearl Jam fans from across the continent. The band was captured live-off-the-floor by Turtle Recording’s Larry Anschell (PJ, Sarah McLachlan, k-os, and more).

Philosophy” closes the “Lisa’s Song + 6 Songs” EP/CD – just as the song concluded many a concert when Allison Crowe rocked out with her band. As the final song of a concert set or encore, Allison would often build to a coda of Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy“. It was all mighty frenzied. With bassist Dave Baird deep in the groove, drummer Kevin Clevette’s drumsticks would splinter amidst the Bacchanalia.

The image of Allison in Ireland, is created by AvesNoVuelan – from an original photograph by Billie Woods.

YouTube Preview Image

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Fade Away

Background: On Allison Crowe’s facebook Artist page, Turkish fan Furkan Sidar started things rolling with a song request, and it proved so much fun, I realized – there’s over 100 songs released on Allison’s seven albums and not everyone has heard all this music. Thus begins a series of a song every-day-or-so to bring all of this music to ears anew. And, on Jamendo, the idea is to post the song videos – some of which are action/movies, and some are still images of Allison to accompany the music. Some are the same recordings on the album/CD releases, and, sometimes, it will be a different version of the song – for new perspectives.

Fade Away” on Allison Crowe’s first release, an EP called “6 Songs“, was written when Allison was 15. In July 2001 Allison and trio – Dave Baird on bass, Kevin Clevette on drums – traveled to Seattle, USA to join Pearl Jam fans for a “Worldwide Convergence“. Stopping en route for a session at Larry Anschell’s Turtle Recording Studios in White Rock, BC, they recorded six songs “live-off-the-floor”. This is the first.

NB This version of “Fade Away“  is not the same heard on the CD. It includes Allison and her trio, as on the original recording, and, as well, Larry Anschell joins in on electric guitar.

YouTube Preview Image

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