Whether I’m Wrong

Mid-2003, Allison Crowe is based in New York City’s Chelsea ‘hood. It’s Code Orange. People fear. The origin of “Whether I’m Wrong” – the song which closes her “secrets” album/CD.

On “secrets” it’s followed by a ‘hidden’ track – the Irish aire “Believe Me If All (Those Endearing Young Charms)“. Little-known fact – the time/space between WIW and BMIA is precisely the same as that which falls between “The End” and “Her Majesty” to close The Beatles’ “Abbey Road“.

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Here, Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe performs, live-in-the-studio, for one of her national television specials – “Whether I’m Wrong” – her song featured by the UNESCO-endorsed ‘New Songs for Peace‘ project.

A different, also live, version is on her double-CD-set “Live at Wood Hall“.

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Joan of Arc

Allison Crowe is joined by Salt Spring Island’s Jo Lundstrom on accordion. In 2008, MOJO mag put “Joan of Arc” on its “Cohen Covered” tribute CD, noting: “Once famously described by the Vancouver Courier as possessing a style akin to ‘Elton John meets Edith Piaf’, the Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe is renowned for her ability to blend control and melodrama. Certainly she does so on this spirited cover…”
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What About You

Allison Crowe’s “What About You” led her to Eric Reiswig of Banquo Folk Ensemble in Victoria, BC. Piper Reiswig not only plays mandolin, cittern, dulcimer, hurdy gurdy +, he makes them! Learn to make your own pennywhistle, Scottish small pipes and windchimes @ http://www3.telus.net/ereiswig + @ http://www.dronestreet.com see pics of these instruments – including the Irish Uillean Pipes heard on this evocative song on the “secrets” album/CD.

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The accompanying photograph is by Billie Rocha-Woods.

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Sea of a Million Faces

Sea of a Million Faces” for years was called Allison Crowe’s “happy song”. That’s what friend and bassist Dave Baird thinks! Really, as with the blues, Allison infuses music with a joy that transcends darkness. Here’s the “secrets” album version. Allison, again, provides all vocals, piano, guitar and percussion. Suitable for polar bear swims in Italy, crowd scenes in London town, and any where, any mood, any time.

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Musician Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar and percussion) performs “Sea of a Million Faces” – the version heard on Crowe’s “secrets” album/CD. Rainer Willeke (Soul Station) plays tambourine.

The image, if memory serves, was shot in London, England when Allison Crowe was there to perform a concert at Bush Hall. Photo by Billie Rocha-Woods.

There’s a different version – on the “Live at Wood Hall” double-album set

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“Spent a little time in Montreal, with a fire in the sun, smokescreen covering over the entire city”. Summer fires rage in the James Bay region of Quebec and Ontario provinces sending up smoke that makes everything appear sepia-tinted as if in a vintage stereoscope. Especially in Vieux-Montréal, (Old Montreal), where Allison Crowe and trio perform at Upstairs Jazz Bar. “S’ come on, follow me down the alleyway…”
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For Valentine’s Day, V-Day, and, simply, any day, year-round romance, here’s “Montreal” – a love song that joins Crowe’s other originals such as “Wedding Song” and her covers, including “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)”, in expressing the heart.

During her years touring across Canada, Allison Crowe has performed in a range of concert venues in la belle province, Quebec, in the beautiful city of Montreal – from La Sala Rossa to Place des Arts.

On her first visit, she performed at a jazz venue in the old city, (or Vieux-Montréal), called Upstairs and it’s there and then she penned this ballad. Allison Crowe, vocals and piano, is joined on this recording by Dave Baird, on bass, and Kevin Clevette, on drums. This song recording is on her “secrets” CD.

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Secrets (That Aren’t My Own)

Allison Crowe is well-known and loved for such songs as “Crayon and Ink“, “Midnight“, “Skeletons and Spirits“, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah“, The Beatles’ “In My Life“, and plenty more. Her repertoire – embracing rock, folk, jazz, blues, pop, soul, gospel, grunge, traditional + – is singularly diverse. In the living sea that is her musical medium, here’s one tune that swims indelibly – “Secrets (That Aren’t My Own)” – that’s the version of this song heard on the album/CD “secrets“.

Here, below, Allison Crowe performs “Secrets (That Aren’t My Own)” live, in concert. This recording is from the double-album song collection, “Live at Wood Hall“.

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Image of Allison by Billie Woods.

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Immersed (secrets)

Immersed“. This rocking piano song shows Allison Crowe’s artistry in transforming the personal into the universal. Experiences with corruption and dishonesty in the corporate record industry in Allison’s hands and throat become not a political rant, but, instead, a crucible for love and insight. It could also become a song about cake – but she has a blog for that sort of inspiration :)
Here, below, is the concert recording of this song heard on “Live at Wood Hall“.
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Midnight (secrets version)

Musician Allison Crowe’s recorded several versions of her song “Midnight“.

Here’s the recording heard on Crowe’s “secrets” album/CD.

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Allison Crowe – vocals, percussion, and electric guitar; Del Crowe – acoustic guitar.

A rollicking “Midnightmusic video made by Alex Postowoi and team was deemed “country” music by Canada’s counterpart to MTV! The country was Canada, and now, the world :)

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Philosophy (solo version)

Philosophy” was born a psychological thriller. It grew into a Pearl Jam-like rave-up. On “secrets“, aided by producer/engineer Rainer Willeke, Allison Crowe re-lit the song’s slow-burning fuse. A L’Archipel in Paris, film-makers Karim Khenoune et Sébastien Gonthier made a doc. Merci! Jessica Kuijer, Olivier Rohart, Agnès Jourdain, Emily Green, Helen, Cécile, Linda, Ming +
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At the lovely L’Archipel, 17 boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris, France, Gbaleah Thomas, Chargée de production concerts and her team, including François Cyrille, Sound Engineer, have made Allison Crowe a concert home a Paris. Performing on the venue’s Fazioli piano, with such musical guests as Emily Green (Sugar Plum Visions), Billie Woods and Nicolas Rohart, Allison and Parisienne audiences have found l’amour!
A pair of much-loved concert spectacles have been presented at L’Archipel this year, organized by Toulouse-based artist manager and promoter Jessica Kuijer and Moroccan-headquartered impresario Olivier Rohart – with concert poster by Vienna’s boki.b, PR support from Agnès Jourdain of http://www.pianobleu.com and coverage by Jennifer Carswell, of Paris Voice. Helen, Cécile, Linda, Ming, and a community of music-loving friends and fans celebrate together.
On the most recent of these concert dates, film-makers Karim Khenoune and Sébastien Gonthier captured, in a cinéma vérité way, moments that include MC Jessica Kuijer’s intro, and scenes backstage and outside the venue. Bon anniversaire L’Atelier! Happy Birthday to the film company and mission of L’Atelier which is one year old today!! Merci beaucoup, aussi! 01/12/08
Here are details of this video and the film which contains its song, Philosophy:
Philosophy“, Allison Crowe’s song which appears in “Dialogues avec mon psy” – a short film written and directed by Karim Khenoune.
Director: Sébastien Gonthier
Editing: Karim Khenoune
Philosophy: written and composed by Allison Crowe (on her “Secrets” album http://www.allisoncrowe.com )

Photo: Billie Shirley Lorna Woods

Credits: Adrian du Plessis, Jessica Kuijer et Olivier Rohart

This clip is a work of Rubenesque Records and L’Atelier! Paris in the goal of free and participatory cinema. This film is creative commons licensed NC and will be available at Kassandra Editions on the DVD Dialogues avec mon psy and VOD at Kassandre.org

Karim Khenoune
Production Audiovisuelle
Contenus et contenant numériques.

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Raining in Baltimore

“I played my first piano/vocal song in front of anybody in the form of ‘Raining in Baltimore’,” notes Allison Crowe. By age 15, the Canadian artist was building her legend on stage in coffee-houses and clubs of Vancouver Island, Canada. She credits Adam Duritz and Counting Crows – especially “August and Everything After” – as primary inspirations. “I do what I do in large part due to this music and the honesty in its words and sounds,” she says.

Alongside a repertoire of more than 100 original songs, Allison Crowe regularly features select covers. (Crowe’s early, solo and band repertoire, includes diverse choices – Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah“, Radiohead’s “Creep” along with songs of Pearl Jam, Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco and others. People appreciate Crowe’s passionate interpretations and she still loves to cover these songs.)

For her debut full-length album, “secrets“, Crowe recorded “Raining in Baltimore“. The version here is a live recording from Allison Crowe’s “secrets” tour of 2004:

YouTube Preview Image

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